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Pa še nekaj o previdnosti.

Veliko uporabnikov PayPal računa dobiva sumljiva PayPal e-sporočila. Ti maili so lažni, zato nikoli ne klikajte povezav v teh sporočilih. PayPal od Vas preko maila nikoli ne zahteva nobenih podatkov!

Primeri lažnih PayPal sporočil:
...prišlo je do pomote, zato prosim kliknite link...
...Vaš PayPal račun je trnutno zablokiran, zato Vas prosimo da se preko spodnje povezave logirate v Vaš račun...
....pri pregledu Vašega PayPal računa smo odkrili.....
....v prilogi Vam pošiljamo formular, ki ga izpolnjenega pošlite.....

V glavnem, ne klikajte linkov!


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  1. Tudi jaz sem dobila grožnje (od zapora, FBI...),če ne plačam določenega zneska - šele nato naj bi mi PayPal nakazal to v Malezijo ?

    Spodaj je kopirano sporočilo !

    We have sent you the payment confirmation e-mail and we believe you don't want to finish this transaction. This is violation of International Financial Institution (IFI) policy of International Online Payment (IOP) section 210(104).this attracts huge penalty which ranges from fine to imprisonment according to the International Law (IL) and such case will be tried in the International Court of Law in the Hague.

    We therefore implore you to comply and send the payment Western Union Money Transfer as requested by the shipping, We have gave you the information in your payment confirmation message as you notice this message we are sending to you now is a penalty message and legal action may be taken against you within this week.

    Note, that we have all your data on our system data and we ready to provide it to (FBI)-(IFI)-(IOP)-(section 210) International Law Enforcement for prosecution, It would be appreciated if you could make the required amount to the shipping agent for the pick up fees in order to finish this transaction on time.

    You have within today to comply otherwise we are going to report to the International Police (INTERPOL) and Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) you know we have your full contact and the internal police to figure you out and hand you over to the International Law Enforcement Agency for proper prosecution.

    PayPal cares about our customers, there associates and partners so much so we do not want you to have any problem with the International Police, this is why we are still taking it easy with you. So make sure you transfer the €800.00 EUR and send us the Western Union receipt and your amount will be instantly activated.

    We seek your full co-operation and understanding in the above matter,do email us if you find difficulties in making the payments

    Your monthly account statement is available any time; To correct any errors about this payment, please contact our Payment Help Centre.

    Please, If you need to ask a question or help, Reply to this email. This mailbox is monitored and you will receive a response. For assistance once we got your mail.
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